Our Philosophy

Our vision at Samala Cosmetics is to enable women to explore and discover their creativity with looks that make them feel fabulous.

Created by leading New Zealand beauty expert, Samala Robinson, our cosmetics help the everyday woman add a touch of glamour to her look for any occasion.

Years of refinement have gone into perfecting the tones and colours of our lipsticks, glosses and eye paints to suit every woman.

With intense and vibrant colours and textures, our products are designed to look and feel great all day long.

Created to meet the tough demands of the red carpet and fashion shoots, Samala Cosmetics is loved by celebrities and professional makeup artists the world over, and will be adored by you…

“My passion with Samala Cosmetics is to help all women feel beautiful and look amazing.”

Samala Robinson, Founder and Director, Samala Cosmetics