Organic Dried Wolfberries May 31, 2017 13:28

Young Living Organic dried wolfberries - with polyphenols and polysaccharides, this exotic berry is touted around the world for its taste and nutrients.


The Ningxia wolfberry is one earth's most powerful antioxidant fruits. It is rich in polysaccharides, with more Vitamin C than oranges, more beta-carotene than carrots, and more calcium than broccoli.

These little red Ningxia wolfberries are delicious and make a great, healthy snack. They can be used in cooking, baking, salads, desserts, smoothies, etc.

The people of Inner Mongolia, where the lycium barbarum species grows, drink wolfberry tea throughout the day.

With polyphenols and polysaccharides, this exotic berry is touted around the world for its taste and nutrients.

Documented use of wolfberries dates back to the Ming Dynasty, where they were part of ancient Chinese culture and medicine.

Wolfberry facts.


 11 times the level of eye-protecting zeaxanthin than raw egg yolks


 23% more protein than raw eggs


91% more fibre than raw oats; 10 times the magnesium of raw strawberries


 3 times more Vitamin C than oranges


 4 times the potassium of bananas


 Highest level of liver protecting compounds (cerebrosides)

Enjoy a Wolfberry Tea!


Bring 8 oz. (1/4 litre) od water to a rolling boil, and let cool for three-and-a-half minutes

Line the bottom of a cup with dried wolfberries and add water

Steep for 5 minutes and stir before drinking

You can add a drop of ginger or peppermint oil if you desire

Once you have finished your tea, don't forget to enjoy the hydrated wolfberries!

More uses for Wolfberries: 

  • Top yogurt or a smoothie with wolfberries for a wholesome breakfast with a satisfying texture.
  • Include Organic Dried Wolfberries in your homemade muesli or or in your trail mix for a nourishing snack on a hike, at school, or around the home.
  • Add to your favourite muffin, pancake, or bread recipes.
  • Toss with leafy greens, shaved or crumbled cheese, and vinaigrette for an exotic gourmet salad.
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