NingXia, Wolfberries, Vitamins and Minerals May 19, 2017 11:17

Samala Robinson talks about the health giving properties of Young Living essential oilsVitamins and Minerals key to long life.
Vitamins and minerals often work in pairs, such that many minerals cannot be assimilated into the body without the presence of a specific vitamin. It is interesting to note that the Ningxia wolfberry contains many of these Vitamin-mineral pairs.
Some of the many functions that minerals perform in the body include electrolyte balance of the cells, nerve conduction for muscle contraction, bone and teeth formation, and enzyme activation.Minerals are so important that every process of the body depends on them.

As a family we take our Ningxia Red first thing in the morning. Even Marco our 7 yr old loves the taste of Ningxia Red.
During the day I love the organic dried wolfberries as a tea with 1 drop of ginger.

Samala x