NingXia Red's affordability May 02, 2017 10:56

Samala Robinson talks about the health giving properties of Young Living essential oilsHi Everyone,

Just thought I would give you some sums on costings for N/Red as some people say it's expensive. We have dropped our coffee for Ningxia - because Ningxia picks me up and coffee now brings me down.

Here are the sums on how much it costs to take the recommended 60ml dose each day .

Ningxia Red 4 pk ( 3045 ) is US$127.00 ( PV 127) plus postage of US$31.00. So the per bottle cost is 31.75 + 7.75 = US$39.50 which is about NZ$58 total cost per bottle.  

4 bottles x 750 ml  = 3000 mls total. If you take 60 ml daily dose this will last 50 days (7 weeks) That is only NZ$ 4.50 approx per day - the same price as a cup of coffee!

Please explore this new Young Living section of our website - you'll find it gives you a short cut to ordering, and we even have a live chat function (lower right-hand side of the screen). Our friendly team can help you Mon-Fri.

Best Value is Premium Ningxia Red starter kit..

Why Ningixa Red is so good for you?

Samala x